“Perfect imperfection. IM|PERFECT” 2021.

1. General provisions
1.1. This provision has been developed for an international children’s drawing Contest initiated by the founder of “Eva Maria D’Art Production”, Eva Ginzburg (Eva D).
1.2. The Contest is aimed at supporting children from orphanages, dysfunctional families and children from single-parent families in developing their creative skills and using them for personal growth, self-actualization, strengthening of their own life foundation and formation of monetary capital with the help of royalties as early as now.
1.3. All selected creative works will be sent for finalization to partner artists for further commercial realization with remuneration of authors.
1.4. The Contest is dedicated to the moral beauty of human beings, to children’s and adolescents’ relationship and understanding of important areas such as: life, love, family, friendship, happiness, honesty or deceit, freedom and self-determination in this world.
1.5. Organization and realization of the Contest are based on the principles of free development of personality and freedom of creative expression of the Contestants.

2. Aims and objectives of the Contest
2.1. The aims and objectives of the Contest are:
– Formation of an active life position by kids through their creativity;
– encouraging the development of creative thinking, creative self-expression, aesthetic and moral perception of the world around them;
– supporting children and youth under state care, children from socially vulnerable groups and from single-parent families;
– creating conditions for further support in implementing the creative skills and individuality of each participant;
– engaging and pursuing creativity with the goal of self-actualization in various spheres;
– identifying and analyzing the current issues in the lives of children and adolescents.

3. Contest Organizers
3.1. The Contest is organized by “Eva Maria D’Art Production”
3.2. The authority of the Contest Organizers includes:
– approval of the regulations and program of the Contest;
– forming the Contest jury;
– planning and coordinating the work associated with preparation and conduct of the Contest;
– preparing the material and technical basis for the organization of the Contest;
– attracting and organizing the work of professional artists, retouchers, designers, etc.;
– accepting applications, drawings;
– determining the procedure for awarding the Contestants;
– holding an award ceremony following the results of the Contest;
– monitoring the implementation of the Contest;
– advertising the Contest via mass media and online resources;
– involving social partners, benefactors, sponsors and maecenases in the organization and conduct of the Contest;
– carrying out other functions in accordance with these Regulations.

4. Subject and participants of the Contest
4.1. The subject of the Contest are drawings created in any technique and any materials on the following themes: “Life”. “Love”. “Family”. “Friendship”. “Happiness”. “Honesty or deceit”. “Liberty”. “Dream”. “Who am I?”
4.2. Children may participate in the Contest within 4 age categories:
– From 3 to 7 years inclusively (preschool age);
– From 7 to 13 years inclusively (younger school age);
– From 13 to 17 years inclusively (adolescents).

5. Participation terms and conditions
5.1. To participate in the contest, the scanned drawing and application form (Attachment 1) should be sent by e-mail to In the subject line, please specify: “IM/PERFECT children’s drawing Contest” with the designation of the theme. Works sent without an application will not be considered.
5.2. The works should meet the following technical requirements:
– The work is carried out on a sheet of A4 paper and corresponds with one of the Contest themes specified in Clause 4.1. of these Regulations.
– The scanned work should be in JPEG image format not exceeding 2 Mb.
– The file name should contain full name of the artist, theme of the drawing, the artist’s place of residence (for example: Ivanov_I.I._Druzhba_SPb_Center11.jpeg).
5.3. The works submitted for the Contest shall be an integral part of the Contest from the moment they are received and shall become the property of the Contest Organizer.
5.4. By sending the work to the Contest, one of the legal representatives of the Contestant under 18 years of age agrees to the Contest terms and conditions specified in these Regulations, including giving its consent:
– for possible publication of the drawings on the corporate websites of “Eva Maria D’Art Production”, as well as on the websites of the Contest sponsors and partners;
– for possible publication of the drawings in electronic and printed versions of mass media;
-for using the drawings for preparing internal reports by the Organizer and the Benefactors.
5.5. Each Participant may submit no more than one work for the Contest. All subsequent works shall not be allowed and shall not be considered for participation in the Contest.
5.6. The drawings shall be created by the Contestants independently, without practical assistance from other people. The Contestant shall be the sole author and copyright holder of the drawing, and the drawing shall be original, exclusive, not repainting or copying existing works/photos/drawings of other authors.
5.7. The drawings should be created specifically for the “Perfect imperfection. IM|PERFECT 2021″ contest. Drawings that were created for another contest or other public events and were published earlier in the public domain are not allowed.
5.8. A License Agreement with individual conditions will be concluded with the participants who have passed the final selection by the Jury. The original works that have passed the preliminary selection shall be sent by the author (legal representative of the author) with the original application form and signed License Agreement to the Organizer by registered mail in an A4 format envelope to the address: 37, Svobody St., 125362 Moscow, Salut Cultural Center, Samitov Ilya Ivanovich, within a week after the preliminary selection.
5.9. Participation in the Contest is free of charge.

6. Procedure for passing the Contest.
6.1. The Contest shall be held throughout the Russian Federation.
6.2. The Contest stages are published as a separate document on the website of the Contest Organizer.

7. Contest Jury
7.1. The list of Contest Jury members (not less than 10) is published on the Organizer’s official website no later than January 01, 2021.
7.2. The Jury may include both individuals and representatives of legal entities.
7.3. The Contest Jury reserves the right to choose the contestants’ incentives.
7.4. Additional nominations of the Contest may be introduced by the Jury’s decision.
7.5. The composition of the Jury is subject to change by Organizer’s decision if one of the Jury members is unable to participate in the Jury sessions, evaluate the works, due to illness, by their own will, etc.

8. Procedure and criteria for sorting out the works
8.1. Criteria for sorting out the Contest works are:
– compliance with the chosen theme;
– originality of the Contest theme presentation;
– originality of the idea and technique;
– creative approach;
– artistic skills;
– general impression;
– unique style;
– idea development and innovation.
8.2. Evaluation of Contest participants’ drawings and selection of winners shall be carried out by the Jury’s selection as well as online voting.

9. Awards and participants rewarding.
9.1 The Contest does not imply any winners or losers. Members of the Jury will assist in evaluation of the works. One of the main goals is to instill self-confidence in the child, therefore to exclude any kind of value judgments of their creative potential on our part. Any skill, with certain efforts, can be made to work for itself.
9.2. The best works in each age group are realized in the following ways, but not limited to them:
– Finalization of the drawing by a textile artist (textile designer) and its placement on a silk product by “Eva Maria D’Art Production”. The final product will be released for commercial sale with the subsequent author’s deduction of a percentage of the profit obtained from the use of the work in any quality, format, in any form, including modified by the Organizer, to the personal account of the child – in demand for educational or medical needs, or until the age of majority.
– Transfer of the final sample drawing by “Eva Maria D’Art Production” to third legal entities for commercial sale through implementation of the drawings as prints for the products of the partner brands. The royalties from the sale shall be shared between “Eva Maria D’Art Production” and children, in accordance with the concluded License Agreement and/or the supplementary agreement thereto.
– Formation of thematic collages from the works selected with the help of Jury and their implementation in the ways described above.
– By agreement. An artist from the Jury may work with the drawings of the participants on themes that are close to him/her. The final version of the work is also available for placement on “Eva Maria D’Art Production” products, as well as on the products of third legal entities – partner brands – for further commercial realization. With subsequent payment of remuneration to the authors, according to the concluded License Agreements.
– By agreement. The photographer from the Jury may use the works of his/her choice as sketches for the photo shoot (the drawing is used for making a staged photo). The final result may also be placed on “Eva Maria D’Art Production” products, as well as on the products of third parties – partner brands – for further commercial sale. With the subsequent payment of remuneration to the authors, according to the concluded License Agreements.
– By agreement. The musician from the Jury, provided that the musical soundtrack to accompany promotional campaign of the IM|PERFECT project is being created, has the opportunity for commercial realization of the music track. If the music track includes lyrics, its placement is also permitted on “Eva Maria D’Art Production” products, as well as on products of third legal entities – partner brands – for further commercial realization. With subsequent payment of remuneration to the authors, according to the concluded License Agreements.